Video: When Should I Start My College Application Essay?

Fifteen years ago, while pondering questions such as “When Should I Start My College Application Essay?” Debbie Merion wrote a feature story called “Paper Cut” for the Ann Arbor Observer.  The story reveals how the University of Michigan picks its freshman class. You can read Paper Cut here.

One interesting fact you can learn from “Paper Cut” is that fifteen years ago the University of Michigan’s admission rate was 62%.  Those were the good old days.  According to U-M, 2021’s admission rate was  20 percent.  The stress is rising as competition intensifies.

The good news is that Essay Coaching by Debbie Merion exists to reduce family stress. Students need help in understanding how to find and write their own story.  Parents need help in helping their own kids.  Debbie invites families to all appointments, and helps students get into all colleges that require essays. That includes all of the 882 colleges on the

Although Debbie has helped thousands of students and parents deconstruct their fears and build writing skills to create compelling and competitive college entrance essays, occasionally Debbie doesn’t have enough time to help everyone, especially with two new granddaughters on the scene, Jordyn and Aviva.

That’s why Debbie decided to give away some of Essay Coaching’s secrets to success, with a blog series featuring a NEW video collection.

The blog series is based on a full-day training session with students from Detroit on internships sponsored by General Motors.

The first video covers a common question from students:

WHEN should I start my college entrance essay?

First, the quick version:


This is a little more detailed (just four minutes), with more tips about how to get started.

Ready to get your essay started?

Read  Six Steps to Start Writing Your College Application Essay Today.


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