College News: What’s On Our Radar

Here are three new college-related opportunities and stories relevant to high school students, college students, and parents.

April 21 Webinar: Navigating Into College, Work Experience, and Career Success

This live webinar may help college applicants, college students, and parents answer the question, “How can my college experience shape what I will do after graduation?” It’s organized by Jeff Selingo, author of Who Gets in and Why: A Year Inside College Admissions.

It’s a conversation with researchers who’ve identified mindsets and tips to help students envision their futures, including:

  • How students can identify what work they’d like to do.
  • How they can shape their college majors, part-time jobs, and internships for relevance in today’s job market.
  • The concept of social capital, and the new understanding of what it means to use your network.

The webinar will take place Sunday, April 21, 2024  8 p.m. Eastern / 5 p.m. Pacific. Register here.

In Who Gets In and Why, Selingo puts forth a brilliant concept by labeling colleges as “Sellers and Buyers,”  to evaluate your likelihood to get financial aid when you are applying in August and September, rather than when you get your financial aid offers in March.  This helps you determine the “sticker price” for schools.

Essay Coaching wrote about “sticker price” in this interview in 2017 with Robert Peterson, How to Maximize Your College Financial Aid.


College Essay Class (Online) 8/7/24

MLIVE: University of Michigan sets record 105K applications for fall 2024

Last year, there were 33,730 undergraduate students at U-M.  This year, 11 percent more students applied for those freshman spots. The University of Michigan continues to be more competitive each year.

Read this MLIVE story.

Early Admissions Trends

This Forbes article identifies trends in early admissions in schools, including more diversity of applications, a rebound of international students, a growth in public school applications (including U-M, as highlighted in the MLIVE story above), a growth in deferrals and waitlists, and more schools accepting admissions videos.

Read this Forbes story.


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