Thirty-Eight College Scholarships

Scholarship Update for December, 2009***

If you have completed your college essays and your college applications, now is the time to look into these scholarship opportunities:

  1. Scholastic Art and Writing Award

  2. Deadline to apply: Varies
    middle or high school art or writing program
    Consider entering your college essay into this competition for an award. Other types of writing are also accepted.
    Art & Writing Awards

  3. *Rare Everyday Heros Senior Scholarship

  4. Deadline to apply: 12/1/09, essay Rare Everyday Heroes Scholarship

  5. Toyota Scholars

  6. Deadline to apply: 12/1/09 Senior Toyota Community Scholars Award

  7. DAR Good Citizen Award

  8. Deadline to apply: 12/5/09

  9. Comcast Achievers Scholarship

  10. Deadline to apply: 12/11/09 Senior

  11. AXA Achievement Scholarship

  12. Deadline to apply: 12/15/09 $10,000, $25,000

  13. Brueggers Scholarships,

  14. Deadline to apply: 1/1/10

  15. JFK Profiles in Courage Program:

  16. Deadline to apply: 1/9/10

  17. *Gates Millenium Scholars,

  18. Deadline to apply: 1/11/10, minority scholars

  19. *2010 Tomorrow25 International Competition,

  20. Deadline to apply: 1/15/10, nominations required

  21. National Scholarships

  22. Deadline to apply:1/15/10

  23. University of Michigan Club of Greater Detroit Scholarships

  24. Deadline to apply:1/15/10

  25. Bronfman Youth Fellowships in Israel

  26. Deadline to apply: 1/20/

  27. Burger King Scholarship,

  28. Deadline to apply: 2/1/10

  29. *KFC Colonel’s Scholars:

  30. Deadline to apply: 2/1/10 (entries begin 12/1/09) Seniors, 2.75+, financial need

  31. MEA Scholarship

  32. Deadline to apply: 2/12/10 See John B.

  33. *Co-Op Scholarship Program,

  34. Deadline to apply: 2/15/10, , $6000 scholarships to 8 college/universities that participate in Co-Op education,

  35. *Ayn Rand Anthem Scholarship,

  36. Deadline to apply: 3/20/10, 9th, 10th graders essay on novel

  37. *Ayn Rand The Fountainhead Scholarship,

  38. Deadline to apply: 4/26/10, 11th, 12th graders essay on novel

  39. *BigSun Scholarship

  40. Deadline to apply: 6/24/10 Senior athlete

  41. Girls Going Places Entrepreneurship Program

  42. Deadline to apply: See site $1000-10,000

  43. Veterans for Peace

  44. Deadline to apply: Varies essay

  45. Bailey’s Guide

  46. Deadline to apply: varies
    $2500 collegebound student or non-traditional student

  47. National Caring Award

  48. Deadline to apply: Varies
    Community service and social responsibility

  49. Inroads Internship Program

  50. Deadline to apply: Varies

  51. Underrepresented minorities internship opportunities

  52. Amount Varies

  53. Youth for Understanding Exchange Scholarships

  54. Deadline to apply: Varies
    Summer and academic year scholarships

  55. Heart of America Christopher Reeve Award

  56. Deadline to apply: Varies
    Seniors, demonstration of courage and community service

  57. Stuart Phillips Memorial Scholarship

  58. Deadline to apply: Varies
    Financial need, 3.0+, balance bet. academic and service $3000-10,000

  59. Truman Picard Scholarship

  60. Deadline to apply: Varies
    Native or Alaskan Student Scholarship

  61. Educaid Gimme Five Sweepstakes

  62. Deadline to apply: Varies

  63. Illustrators of the Future Contest

  64. Deadline to apply: Varies
    science fiction and/or fantasy artwork $500-4000

  65. Yoshiyama Award for Exemplary Service

  66. Deadline to apply: Varies
    Outstanding community service and leadership, (Hitachi Foundation)

  67. Rotary Youth Exchanges

  68. Deadline to apply: Varies
    experiences in many countries Rotary Foundation

  69. President’s Student Service Challenge Scholarship

  70. Junior or Senior Community Service $1,000

    Deadline to apply: none

  71. Linda Riddle/Women’s Sports Foundation Int’l Scholarships
  72. Deadline to apply: varies

  73. Learning for Life/BSA Scholarships

  74. Deadline to apply: varies
    College and community-based community service $varies
    Contact Boy Scouts of America 1325 W.
    Walnut Hill Lane, Box 152079, Irving, TX 75-015-2079

  75. Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarships

  76. African American, Financial need
    Deadline to apply: None

  77. Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund

  78. Deadline to apply: None
    Financial Need at Historically Black Public Colleges

***Thanks to my colleague John Boshoven from Community High School in Ann Arbor for supplying this information.

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