Welcome to The New Essay Coaching

“It’s easy when you know how.” Have you ever felt that?

Before you learn how to do something, it seems scary and maybe even impossible. Then, after you’ve learned a technique, the mystery is gone, and in its place is a perfectly attainable goal.

The goal of this blog is to speed you towards the after.

But first, here is a little quiz to assess where you are right this minute:

1. I know why colleges want to read an essay. T F
2. I know how to describe my strengths so I don’t sound like I’m bragging. T F
3. I know what my “writing voice” is when writing essays. T F
4. I have a draft so far, and I know how to edit it to improve it. T F
5. I know the best length for my essay. T F

No one was born knowing how to write a college application essay, so five “F”s are pretty standard. But even if you circled “T” five times, you most likely have other uncertainties.

You may have written an essay before, but you’ve never written an essay to be admitted to college. A college application essay is not what the same type of essay that your English teachers have been talking about for years.

Learn more by reading this blog and information in the resources. Take yourself on a tour around the site, click around.

Welcome to Essay Coaching!

Photo Credit: quinn.anya | CC BY SA 2.0