Workshop Held Honoring May 17-23 International Coaching Week

June 7, 2014 Posting update with review of the Red Cross Speed-Coaching:
“Awesome,” “fulfilling,” “uplifting,” “rejuvenating,” and “eye opening” were words used by the American Red Cross management in Ann Arbor to describe the Fast Track Coaching they received on June 6, 2014 by five members of the Ann Arbor Coach Café.

Fast Track Coaching—also known as Speed Coaching —means that event participants receive coaching for approximately fifteen minutes from one or more coaches.  This pro bono event was held in conjunction with the 2014 International Coaching Federation Week.

Participating coaches and their specialties were Angela Pyle, Pyle Consulting Group, Coach for the Technically Minded,,; Debbie Merion, Essay Coaching, Writing and Communications Coach, Website:; Deb Nystrom, Reveln Consulting and Coaching, Change Facilitator & Strategist, Website:; Geraldine Markel, Managing Your Mind Coaching & Seminars, Leadership and Productivity Coach, Website:; Leon Wyszewianski, Career Counselor, Life Coach, Executive Coach, Managing One’s Career and Balancing the Demands of Work and life,,

Following introductions by the five Red Cross staff and the five coaches, coaching was defined (although many coaches are also certified in counseling, coaching is much more action-oriented than therapy) and then, each staff member received two 15-minute mini-coaching sessions. Participant feedback included statements such as: “gained clarity on complex issues,” “provided affirmations about what was known,” “gained valuable tools to apply to life,” “empowering and helpful to put notes on paper.”  Watch videos of the participant feedback here.

Providing similar events with other non-profit and corporate settings is a goal for the Ann Arbor Coach Café during the 2015 International Coaching Week. If you are interested in an event such as this at your organization, please write to one of the coaches listed above.


Earlier part up this posting with invitation to the event:

Your organization is invited to experience a free speed-coaching panel.


2nd Annual Ann Arbor Coach Café
Workshops Event
for International Coaching Week



When: May 17-23, 2014


Where: Selected Locations in Southeastern Michigan, including on-site at requesting organizations.

What: The Ann Arbor Coach Cafe is offering selected local leaders pro bono workshops and speed coaching panels from some of the top coaches in Southeastern Michigan during International Coaching Week.  This year our theme is Take Charge of Your Future.Click here to learn more about International Coaching Week and find out about other programs across the country.

Why? We want to create new partnerships in a win-win opportunity. All we request is that you provide publicity in-house and a place for us to meet with your staff.

RSVP: Contact one of the coaches below as soon as possible to schedule your workshops. Workshop availability is limited.

Participating coaches include:

Angela Pyle, Coach for the Technically Minded,

Workshop on Thinking & Behavior Styles, including a free LifeStyle Inventory from Human Synergistics, with coaching around the individual results.

Debbie Merion, Writing  and Communications Coach

Essay Coaching Website:

Workshops include:  How to Write With Power, Create an EBook in One Hour

Deb Nystrom, Change Facilitator & Strategist

REVELN Consulting & Coaching Website:

Workshops: Adapting to Change, Workplace Bullying, High Performance Teams

Geraldine Markel, Leadership and Productivity Coach Website:

Workshops on Productivity and Life Satisfaction.

Leon Wyszewianski, Career Counselor, Life Coach, Executive Coach

Workshops on: Managing One’s Career; Balancing the Demands of Work and Life.


More information about specific workshops and coaches, search for Coach Cafe Ann Arbor or



International Coaching Week

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