How Can I Succeed In College?

May 6, 2013. You’ve written your college application essays!  Congrats, you were successful;  you have been admitted to college!  Now you start to wonder..what are my next steps?  How can I succeed in college?   Here are three ways to answer this question:
Method 1. Formula 1. Attend class + do your schoolwork = graduate successfully.
Method 2. Formula 2. Of course, college is a time to study, have fun, meet others, learn new ideas, have new experiences. You CAN do it all! Look at your time this way:
24 hours a day minus 8 hours to sleep and 5 hours to eat/dress = 11 hours a day free for schoolwork and non-schoolwork. Even if you spent 7 hours a day on attending classes and homework,  you still have 4 hours a day for non-schoolwork activities.
Method 3. Infographic–College Student’s Success Pyramid

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