Online Alternatives to College

April 10, 2013.  Recently, Essay Coaching received an email from Mitchell Fielder, asking if we would feature a blog he had written about online alternatives.  Not only has he done a great job summarizing some of the major issues in online education today, but he has also hit on a very popular topic.  Online college courses are clearly a new trend;  even when you attend a college and live on campus, it is quite possible that you will have one of more online classes.

For those of you seeking more on this topic, here is Mitchell’s article, and one other that recently appeared in the New York Times:

Innovative Methods Revolutionizing College Tuition

Colleges Assess Cost of Free Online-Only Courses

One major problem with online classes is the attrition rate.  Read more about why students drop out of these kinds of classes in this New York Times article, The Trouble With Online College.

Students need alternatives because everyone learns differently. Educate yourself about the options for college.