Humor For Parents of College Bound Students

What do you think of this new Essay Coaching cartoon? The idea came from seeing so many parents (and being one of those parents) who try their hardest to launch their college bound teen into the world of college, work, and beyond. This desire to help but confusion about “What can I do?” can create family stress. Argggh! Parents nag. Kids hide or stare at their phones. That is where Essay Coaching comes in–with clear, proven tips like these:

Four Secrets for College Bound Students to Remember When Starting a College Application Essay

1. Write about what you care about, and what you’ve done about it.

2. The best essays show how a student takes initiative.

3. Write about a situation that you have experienced in the last two years that you feel good about. Parents and teens can discuss: what will a reader learn about you from reading this essay?

4. Use phrases that show, don’t tell, to engage readers and help them understand you.  For example, this phrase shows: “I work 20 hours a week at a grocery store to save for college.”  That phrase is more effective than this phrase, which tells: “I am a hard worker.”  Anyone can say, “I’m a hard worker.” Show a reader your strengths with a true story about what you’ve done!

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