67 College Scholarship Opportunities

March 6, 2013.  If you are a college applicant with more time than money, then you are a perfect candidate to explore this list of scholarships.  Some require an essay.

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  1. 10 Words or Less Scholarship  Deadline: 5/1/13  www.facebook.com/myscholarships
  2. A2 Area Community Foundation Scholarships  Deadline: 4/1/13. Scholarships in Barker, Bartman and Nathan Hall Scholarships  aaacf.org/scholarships
  3. A2 National Assoc. of Negro Buss & Prof. Women’s Clubs Scholarships: Deadline: 3/13/13
  4. AAA Safety Patrol Scholarship  Deadline: 4/26/13  seniors, 3.0+, service, former safety patrollers! Nomination 1/school.
  5. AADL Teen Short Story Writing Contest, $100-250. Deadline: 3/15/13 aadl.org
  6. Abbott and Fenner Scholarship  Deadline: 6/14/13 af.scholarships@abbottand fenner.com
  7. American College Foundation Scholarship  Deadline: 4/1/13  www.americanCollegeFoundation.org enter Code M6767.
  8. American College Foundation Visionary Scholarship Deadline April 1, 2013 9-12th, $1000-5000  use code M6767  http://www.americancollegefoundation.org
  9. American Legion Scholarships: Deadline to apply Varies  includes oratorical, student trooper, baseball, Brewer and Wilson, Boys State and Eagle Scout www.michiganlegion.org

10.  B Davis Scholarship, $1000, Deadline 5/27/13, www.studentawardsearch.com/scholarships

11.  Bailey’s Guide Deadline to apply: varies $2500 college-bound student or non-traditional student http://www.baileysguide.com

12.  BBG Communications Scholarship  Deadline: 6/30/13 www.studentscholarships.org/scholarships

13.  Beans for Brains Scholarship  Deadline 3/31/13  $vaires  seniors who knit, sew, crochet w/photo  www.jimmybeanswool.com/scholarshipHome.asp

14.  Best Buy Scholarships  Deadline: 2/15/13  http://pr.by.com

15.  Beyond the Boroughs Scholarship  Deadline  4/1/13  $5000  seniors, low income, 2/5+, service  www.beyongtheboroughs.org

16.  Big Sun Scholarship  Deadline: 6/21/13  $00 student-athletes  athleticscholarship@bigsunathletics.com

17.  Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarships African American, Hispanic Financial need http://www.gmsp.org Deadline to apply: None

18.  Buick Achievers Scholarships  Deadline: 2/28/13, college-bound seniors, future engineers, technology design or business or auto-related study www.buickachievers.com

19.  Craziest Thing to Save Money Scholarship  Deadline  4/30/13  $4000 www.dosomething.org/crazy/about/scholarship

20.  Detroit Society of Women Engineers Scholarships, Deadline: 3/1/13. Scholarships include Certificates of Merit, Madame Curie Award,  www.swe.org

21.  DKG Senior Girl Scholarship  Deadline 4/10/13  3.0+, service, leadership, college-bound.

22.  DLG Viral Video Contest  Deadline: 3/31/13  $2000 PSA on driving under the influence  http://diglawfirm.com/viral-video-scholarship-contest/

23.  Dutchcrafters Scholarship Deadline  5/1/13  $500 seniors, essay and need  www.dutchcrafters.com/heritage-scholarship

24.  Educaid Gimme Five Sweepstakes   Deadline to apply: Varie http://www.educaid.com/sweepstakes.htm

25.  Gilbaitti Scholarship  Deadline: 3/1/13  senior www.mortgagebrokerslangley.ca/

26.  Go Bananas for Fastweb   Deadline 3/15/13  $3000 raffle  www.fastweb.com/contebt/go-bananas-sweepstakes

27.  GRHS Essay Contest  Deadline: 3/31/13  $1000 German-Russian history, heritage, or culture  www.grhs.org/youthn/youth.html

28.  HEALTHY CHOICES SCHOLARSHIP  $500  Deadline: April 30, 2013 College-bound senior, essay.

29.  Heart of America Christopher Reeve Award  Deadline to apply: Varies Seniors, demonstration of courage and community service   http://www.heartofamerica.org

30.  Illustrators of the Future Contest  Deadline to apply: Varies science fiction and/or fantasy artwork $500-4000

31.  Inroads Internship Program  Deadline to apply: Varies  Under represented minorities internship opportunities Amount Varies http://www.inroads.org

32.  Jeptha Wade Schureman Scholarship Deadline 2/1/13 $7500 loss of father to death or parental rights www.cfsem.org

33.  John Weir Scholarships, Deadline 2/15/13,  college-bound seniors with disabilities.

34.  Joyce Ivy Foundation Scholarships  Deadline: 3/15/13  Summer study scholarships for young women at prestigious colleges and universities. www.joyceivyfoundation.org

35.  Kohl’s Cares Scholarship Program  Deadline: 3/15/13  nominate a young volunteer age 6-16, $10,000. Nominators must be 21+. www.kohls.com

36.  Kroger: “I Can Make History Contest” celebrating Black History Month. Deadline: 2/28/13 Art, music, essay or poetry.

37.  Lake Trust Scholarship  Deadline: 3/29/13  $1000  Seniors app.

38.  Lights, Camera, Action Video Contest Deadline 4/15/13  $3000 18 yrs.+ www.gotchosen.com/VideoScholarship.aspx

39.  Linda Riddle/Women’s Sports Foundation Int’l Scholarships      Deadline to apply: varies http://www.WomensSportsFoundation.org

40.  Masonic Scholarship  Deadline 3/15/13  seniors, $1500 college-bound essays

41.  MassMutual Scholars  Deadline  5/3/13  $5000   minority, 3.0+ career interest in insurance/fin./ services industry  www.act.org/massmutual/

42.  Michigan AAA School Safety Patrol Scholarship  Deadline: 5/12/13 $1000  Seniors

43.  Michigan Retailers Assoc. Scholarships, Deadline 4/1/13, college-bound seniors, child of MRA member, part-time employees of MRA, www.retailers.com

44.  National Caring Award   Deadline to apply: Varies  Community service and social responsibility  http://www.caring-institute.org

45.  Negative Population Growth Scholarship  Deadline 4/23/13 $2500  seniors, essay  http://npg.org/2013essayscholarshop.html

46.  Odenza Marketing Group Award  Deadline: 3/30/13  essay www.odenzzascholarships.com

47.  Project Clean-Up  Deadline 3/29/13  $5000 anti littering project  www.dosomething.org/cleanup

48.  Project Yellow Light Scholarship  Deadline  4/1/13  $5000 srniors, video that discourages distracted driving  http://projectyellowlight.com/

49.  ROGERS COMMUNITY VOLUNTEER SCHOLARSHIP – $500  Deadline: June 1, 2013. College-bound seniors

50.  Rosa Parks Scholarship  Deadline 3/1/13, Seniors w/need, $2000  rosaparksscholarshipfoundation.org

51.  Rotary Youth Exchanges Deadline to apply: Varies experiences in many countries Rotary Foundation    http://www.rotary.org

52.  SAE Poster Contest  Deadline: 3/27/13  $50-1,000  Posters will be dispayed at event @ Cobo Ctr 5/16-16  www.sae-detroit.org

53.  Samsung Grant  Deadline 5/1/13  win camera for school -lesson plan to use camera http://www.samsunggrants.com

54.  Scholarship Slam on Civil Rights  Deadline  3/31/13  $1000 Create poem  www.powerpoetry.org/poetry-slams/scholarship-slam-civil-rights

55.  Scholastic Art and Writing Award  Deadline to apply: Varies middle or high school art or writing program http://www.scholastic.com/artandwritingawards/enter.htm

56.  StateUniversity.com Scholarship $500, juniors and seniors apply at stateuniversity.com

57.  Stuart Phillips Memorial Scholarship Deadline to apply: Varies Financial need, 3.0+, balance bet. academic and service  $3000-10,000  http://www.phillips-scholarship.org/

58.  Swackhamer Disarmament Video Contest  Deadline  4/1/13  $1000 www.peacecontests.org

59.  Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund:   Deadline to apply: NoneFinancial Need at Historically Black Public Colleges http://thurgoodmarshallfund.org

60.  Truman Picard Scholarship Deadline to apply: Varies   Native or Alaskan Student Scholarship http://www.itcnet.org/picard.html

61.  US Bank Scholarship  Deadline 5/31/13 $1000  seniors  www.usbank.com

62.  Veterans for Peace Deadline to apply: Varies essay http://www.veteransforpeace.org

63.  Visionary Scholarship Program  Deadline: 5/1/13 $1000-5,000 invitation code: M6767  www.americancollegefoundation.org

64.  Yale Young Global Leaders Scholarships, Deadline 3/1/13, 10th, 11th grade, globalscholars.yale.edu

65.  Yale Young Global Leaders Scholarships, Deadline 3/1/13, 10th, 11th grade, www.globalscholars.yale.edu

66.  Yoshiyama Award for Exemplary Service Deadline to apply: Varies Outstanding community service and leadership, (Hitachi Foundation)

67.  Youth for Understanding Exchange Scholarships   Deadline to apply: Varies Summer and academic year scholarships http://www.yfu-usa.org