Sixty-two Scholarships and Essay Contests

March 10, 2011. Before you read the scholarship information, take a look at this article: An interview by Valerie Strauss from the Washington Post with Mark Kantrowitz, a financial aid and college planning expert, and author of a new book called “Secrets to Winning a Scholarship,” which provides strategies to maximize the chances of being successful in this enterprise. Kantrowitz is the publisher of, a web guide to scholarships, and

1. Rosa Parks Scholarship Deadline: 3/1/11 Senior,

2. Schureman Scholarship Program, scholarships to Michigan colleges/universities for seniors who have lost a father

3. Eastern Michigan University Alumni Scholarship Deadline 3/4/11 Children of alumni, enrolling in EMU

4. Got Milk Award Deadline 3/4/11, scholar/athletes

5. DNA Day Essay Deadline: 3/7/11 $4000 Genetics essay

6. Michigan –Africa Exchange (Japan) Deadline: 3/12/11

7. *Hays Kirby Essay Contest Deadline 3/13/11 Essay

8. *Michigan Retailers Association Scholarship Deadline to request an application: 3/15/11 Seniors,

9. *Kohls Cares Scholarship Deadline: 3/15/11 nomination required

10. Simeks Commercial Contest Deadline: 3/15/11 juniors, seniors,

11. Girl’s State Medical Career Scholarship Deadline: 3/15/11

12. Girl’s State Memorial Scholarship Deadline: 3/15/11

13. University Language Services Scholarship Deadline: 3/18/11 $500 study abroad plan or experience

14. *Buick Achievers Scholarship Deadline: 3/31/11 Seniors, service, GPA, auto-industry career interest

15. *Exec. Women’s Scholarship Deadline: 3/31/11 juniors,

16. US Bank Scholarship Deadline: 3/31/11 $1000 Seniors

17. Scholarship Deadline: 3/31/11 $10,000 seniors, essay on internet technology

18. GRHS Essay Deadline: 3/31/11 $1000 German-Russian history

19. Young American’s Creative Patriotic Art Award Deadline: 3/31/11 $10,000 canvas art

20. Robert Porter Scholarship Deadline to apply: 3/31/11 essay

21. EC Hallbeck Scholarship Deadline to apply: 3/31/11 American Postal workers child

22. *ECHHO Scholarship Deadline: 4/1/11 senior, hispanic, ECHHO members

23. *N. American Indian Scholarship Deadline: 4/1/11

24. *Swackhamer Disarmament Video Contest Deadline: 4/1/11

25. MACAC Maggie Miller Scholarship Deadline: 4/1/11 See John B. for application

26. *Google Global Science Fair Deadline: 4/1/11

27. *Signet Classic Essay Contest Deadline: 4/14/11 juniors and seniors

28. *Dorothy Russell Scholarship Deadline: 4/15/11 CHS Senior, college-bound future educator, 2.5+, need

29. *Rick Burgess Music Scholarship Deadline: 4/15/11 music-related, $600

30. *Morse Barker Scholarship. Deadline to apply: April 15, 2011. A $1000/yr. scholarship to WCC or $1500/yr. to Cleary University. Details in Counseling Office and at

31.*Hamilton Award Deadline: 4/15/11 Juniors, service, GPA, need Hamilton Leaders Academy bound

32. *Imagine This Scholarship Deadline: 4/15/11 Lawrence Tech’s art competition

33. *College JumpStart Scholarship Deadline: 4/15/11 10-12th grade,

34. AAA Safety Patrol Scholarships Deadline: 4/15/11 See John B. for application

35. *Negative Population Growth Scholarship Deadline: 4/22/11 seniors

36. *Student View Scholarship Deadline: 4/22/11 simple lottery

37. *Thinkquest Int’l Competition Deadline: 4/27/11 a team project

38. Islamic Society Scholarships Deadline 5/1/11 seniors

39. B Davis Scholarship, Deadline 5/27/11

40. American Legion Scholarships: Deadline to apply Varies includes oratorical, student trooper, baseball, Brewer and Wilson, Boys State and Eagle Scout

41. College Prowler Deadline to apply: end of each month $2000

42. Abbott and Fenner Scholarship Deadline 6/18/11

43. BigSun Scholarship Deadline to apply: 6/23/11 senior, athlete

44. *AES Engineering Scholarship Deadline: October 7, 2011 essay

45. *Jeptha Wade Schureman Scholarship Deadline: Check website. A fund to assist children who have lost fathers, 3.0+, FAFSA, Seniors, leadership and more

46. Common Knowledge Scholarship Deadline to apply: varies internet quiz

47. Veterans for Peace Deadline to apply: Varies essay

48. Bailey’s Guide Deadline to apply: varies
$2500 college-bound student or non-traditional student

49. National Caring Award Deadline to apply: Varies
 Community service and social responsibility

50. Inroads Internship Program Deadline to apply: Varies
 Under-represented minorities internship opportunities 
Amount Varies

51. Youth for Understanding Exchange Scholarships Deadline to apply: Varies 
Summer and academic year scholarships

52. Heart of America Christopher Reeve Award Deadline to apply: Varies 
Seniors, demonstration of courage and community service

53. Stuart Phillips Memorial Scholarship Deadline to apply: Varies
 Financial need, 3.0+, balance bet. academic and service $3000-10,000

54. Truman Picard Scholarship Deadline to apply: Varies Native or Alaskan Student Scholarship

55. Scholastic Art and Writing Award Deadline to apply: Varies
 middle or high school art or writing program Educaid

56. Gimme Five Sweepstakes Deadline to apply: Varies

57. Illustrators of the Future Contest Deadline to apply: Varies 
science fiction and/or fantasy artwork $500-4000

58. Yoshiyama Award for Exemplary Service Deadline to apply: Varies 
Outstanding community service and leadership, (Hitachi Foundation)

59. Rotary Youth Exchanges Deadline to apply: Varies 
experiences in many countries Rotary Foundation

60. Linda Riddle/Women’s Sports Foundation Int’l Scholarships Deadline to apply: varies

61. Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarships African American, Financial need Deadline to apply: None

62. Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund Deadline to apply: None
Financial Need at Historically Black Public Colleges

Thank you to John Boshoven of Community High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan for this list.