Week of Sept 23, 2013: College Application Headlines

Sept. 26, 2013.  Essay Coaching continues a blitz of presentations and appointments with students.  The goal is to help keep the stress down to a low simmer as the application season heats up.

Characteristics of a Great College Application Essay

Shows connections – between your own thoughts and feelings and what you’ve experienced

Shows passion and demonstrated interest – What do you really care about?  How have you taken the initiative to do something about it?

Is vivid and detailed – Take your time and tell your true story with all of its colors, smells, sounds, words spoken, exact names of people, places, and books read

Is well written, without grammatical or spelling errors

Here are some headlines for the week, which you may find informative as you continue to fill out applications.  Remember, no one ever died from writing.  Keep at it, every day.

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