January 6, 2015: Five Headlines about College Applications

As a college application essay coach, I am starting to receive emails from my students, announcing good news about being admitted to early action schools like University of Michigan and University of Chicago. But many students are still waiting.  Here are some recent important stories in the news that are of interest to all students applying to college:

Best Colleges You Can Still Apply To For Fall 2015

There is a college for everyone.  You just need to find it, and apply.  Better late than never.  The headline above outlines some excellent schools still accepting applications.

If you decide to apply to one of these schools, you might also want to read: [Six Steps to Start Writing Your College Application Essay Today]

8 Top Sources of College Scholarships

Getting sufficient funds to go to college can be even more important for some students than a well-written essay.  Read the article above to learn the basics of when, where, and how to apply for funds.

What to Do if You Are Deferred

Many schools are having record numbers of deferrals this year.  Thousands of students were deferred from the University of Michigan, as discussed in this article.  What to do if you were deferred?  Be polite, and proactive, as Jeannie Borin writes in “What To Do if You Are Deferred.”

College Guidance?–500 High School Students Per Counselor

When I graduated from Northeast High School in Philadelphia as part of a graduating class of 1200 students, I had no college counseling at all.  High School counselors are still massively overworked and often under trained, as described in this New York Times article.  “Nationally, that ratio is nearly 500 to 1, a proportion experts say has remained virtually unchanged for more than 10 years.” The take-away from this article is that parents and students should take the time and responsibility to understand the college application process on their own.

College Admissions Officers Visit Applicants’ Social Networking Pages

This press release is a reminder to students that their social media presence should not reveal anything unsavory about them, because college admissions officers do check these sites on occasion.  “Admissions chances are still overwhelmingly decided by the traditional factors of high school GPA, standardized test scores, letters of recommendation, personal essays and extracurricular activities.  Applicants’ online personas are really a wild card in the admissions process: the bottom line for students is that what you post online likely won’t get you into college, but it just might keep you out.”  College applications:  Scrub your social media sites until they are squeaky clean.

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Infographic courtesy of College of Charleston.