Essay Coaching Offers New In-Home Classes

Parents have been requesting additional Essay Coaching classes.  In addition to our Michigan Rec and Ed classes, we are excited to offer new in-home courses for students and parents within 30 miles of Ann Arbor, Michigan:

Purpose of the class: College admissions officers spend minutes reading a college essay, so how can yours be seen as the “Mt. Everest of essays”–strong, memorable, and impressive?  Learn the answer in a home-based class for your child and four of his or her friends and their parents.

Who should attend: High school friends and their parents.

When: May through October, 2011.  Early bird sign-up rates are available until June 17, 2011. This is a three-session class, lasting approximately three weeks.  You schedule the dates of the three sessions based upon availability.

Special offer: This class is FREE for a host family who signs up four friends.   By offering your comfortable living room home as the class venue, you deserve it!

This 3 session, 5-hour class includes:

1.    Presentations, handouts, and discussion to educate you about how to write and edit a winning college application essay. Samples of winning essays are provided.

2.    A copy of our book, Solving the College Admissions Puzzle, for each student.

3.    Writing exercises to start and develop your essay, using our proven highly effective, low-stress methods.

4.    Essential feedback on ideas and drafts, delivered privately.  In particular, students benefit from our fresh review to answer the question that college admissions officers ask themselves:  “What have I learned about this student from reading the essay?”  The goal is an essay that is as strong and unique as the student.

5.    Expert advice to ensure your essays are ready to send.

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About the instructor:

Debbie Eisenberg Merion, M.S.W, is the author of Solving the College Admissions Puzzle: A Guide for Students and Families About College Selection, Essay Writing and High-Stakes Testing with co-authors John Boshoven, M.S.W, and Geri Markel, Ph.D. As the owner of Essay Coaching (, she has helped hundreds of students write winning college application essays. Her techniques combine experience in counseling, teaching college English, and 30 years of professional writing. Debbie’s students have been admitted to the best universities in the nation, including Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and the University of Michigan.

For more information, write to or call 734-646-5985.