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Choose your favorite way to learn!  Essay Coaching offers three ways to help you create a winning essay for your college or graduate school application.

  1. One-on-one tutoring. Read about our proven  system.
  2. NEW!  In-home classes. How to register for free.
  3. Michigan Rec and Ed classes. Read how to enroll.

One-on-one tutoring

The heart of Essay Coaching is working one-on-one. Get tutored in person, by phone, or by video chat.  Since 2005 we have been helping students move toward a clear, short-term, totally attainable goal: a compelling, sincere essay that brings out your best qualities.

We will not do any writing for you.

What we will do is help you:

1. Understand the qualities of a great essay and the steps involved in getting there. We provide samples of winning essays.

2. Discover your own unique strengths and essay theme. We do this by listening, asking questions, and supplying short writing exercises.

3. Find the time and motivation to write. Some writing will be completed while we’re together, and meetings serve as mini-deadlines for drafts.

4. Edit. We start by putting ourselves in the shoes of a college admissions officer, and reflect what we have learned about you from your essay. Then, we advise about how the essay can be strengthened. We point out what’s working well, what can be fixed, and help you edit.

Five sessions is the average for most students to complete a college essay. Many students also come with an essay draft for a single session of feedback. Read an example.

Sessions are $100 for the first one-hour session, and we offer discounts.

Request our rate sheet.

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Testimonial:  I remember having trouble writing about myself and found this to be one of the most challenging aspects of the college admissions essay process.  The most helpful aspect of my essay coaching experience was your ability to help me extract, organize, and better articulate ideas relating to the essay prompts.

–Paul Shea, B.S. in Anthrozoology from University of Michigan 2010

NEW!  In-home classes

Parents have been requesting additional Essay Coaching classes, so we are excited to now offer a new in-home course for students and parents in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area:

Purpose of the class: College admissions officers spend minutes reading an essay, so how can yours be as impressive as Mt. Everest—strong and memorable—and not an anonymous anthill?  Learn the answer in a home-based class, custom-designed for your child and four of his or her friends.

Who should attend: High school friends and their parents.

Special offer: This class is FREE for the host family. FREE?! Yes –by filling the class roster with four others and offering your comfortable living room home as the class venue, you deserve it!
This 3 session, 5-hour class includes:

1.    Presentations, handouts, and discussion to educate you about how to write and edit a winning college application essay.

2.    A copy of our book, Solving the College Admissions Puzzle.

3.    Writing exercises to start and develop your essay, using our proven highly effective, low-stress methods.

4.    Helpful feedback on ideas and drafts, delivered privately and supportively.  In particular, it’s helpful to have a new professional review the essay to answer the question that college admissions officers ask themselves:  “What have I learned about this student from reading the essay?”

5.    How to ensure your essays are ready to send.

Request our rate sheet and register by email.

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