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You can write an essay that will help you be admitted to your first choice college or graduate school.  You just have to learn how.  You came to the right place to get started.

Essay Coaching reduces the stress of applying for college or graduate school by empowering students to write their best essay. We offer friendly, expert assistance to help students understand why colleges want essays and how admissions officers evaluate essays.  We help students pick their strongest topic, show them low-stress ways to get started, keep them on track, and help them edit and proofread their essay to a level of excellence. The student does the writing; hence the Essay Coaching motto—“We educate and motivate, you create.”  During the creative and fun process of working together, a student’s unique voice emerges from a compelling essay.  Hear what one student said recently about the process.

Some students simply would like to meet for an hour for a thorough and professional evaluation of their essay drafts. Read an example.

Sessions are $150 for the first fifty-minute session, and $100 if you sign up by August 1. Ask about our five-session package rate.

Students are seen personally in Ann Arbor, Michigan or by Skype and phone/email.  To pay for a session by credit card, click here.

Many students want to start on a firm footing, by receiving help in selecting their best essay topic.  For those students, we offer a five-session package. Why five sessions? Five sessions is the average for most students to complete an application essay, but timing varies.  One student completed eight essays during five sessions.

Many students complete the Essay Coaching jumpstart survey form before the first session–a free way to begin the process before the first meeting.  Debbie spends the first session teaching the student about what colleges are looking for in the college essay, interviewing the student and getting to know him/her, reviewing the jumpstart survey, brainstorming best topics, reviewing some handouts, and teaching writing techniques.

Usually at the end of the first session, the student has one or more essay ideas.  We will also review all of the essay requirements for the colleges to see which essays can be “recycled” for other schools.  Assignments are made at the end of each session.

By the second session, the student will bring some writing or will write during the session. We will evaluate the writing, discuss how to expand it into the essay, and may outline the essay.  The other three sessions are spent editing the initial essay and starting to brainstorm and draft additional essays.

The finished products are always an amazing improvement over the original drafts—more compelling, unique, and memorable. Students take away writing skills that help them succeed in college and beyond.

Get tutored in person, by phone, or by video chat.  Since 2005 we have been helping students move toward a clear, short-term, totally attainable goal: a compelling, sincere essay that brings out your best qualities.

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Testimonial:  I remember having trouble writing about myself and found this to be one of the most challenging aspects of the college admissions essay process.  The most helpful aspect of my essay coaching experience was your ability to help me extract, organize, and better articulate ideas relating to the essay prompts.

–Paul Shea, B.S. in Anthrozoology from University of Michigan 2010