Thurs. March 22, 2018 Ann Arbor College Fair

Visit Our Ann Arbor College Fair Table for

Essay Coaching by Debbie Merion

Thurs. March 22, 2018
6:00-7:300 PM
Pioneer High School
601 West Stadium Blvd.
Ann Arbor, MI

We’ve been helping parents at the Ann Arbor College Fair since 2007.  While parents and students wander around to talk to Yale, University of Michigan, or the University of Colorado representatives, they also can talk to Debbie Merion to get some college essay tips.  The most common question is, “Are you the Essay Coach?” YES!  We LOVE to answer all of your questions!  This year Elise Brod, Pioneer High School graduate/ Essay Coaching assistant will be helping out at the table too. Stop by and chat with Debbie Merion!

FAQ’s include:

“When shall we start?”

“How do you work with students?”

“What do you charge?”

Read this site for the answers to those questions, or just stop by the College Fair.  All questions answered!